All the flavor, the color and the art of Oaxaca. In one single place!

Currently, many Oaxacan artisans and producers are making very exhausting individual efforts and sometimes without benefits to try to position their products in the national market through online sales and promotion through digital media., is a trademark 100% Oaxacan company that arises from this need with the experience of more than 20 years in electronic commerce and advertising management in digital and traditional media, providing artisans and producers in Oaxaca with an electronic commerce platform, stable and positioned in the national market, with the prospect of growth to the international market. Which can be used as a showcase for your products in the short term.

Our Mission: To provide Oaxacan artisans and producers with an electronic commerce platform with national reach, which offers 100% Oaxacan products of the best quality and at the best price, strengthening fair trade.

Our Vision: To become the e-commerce platform with the greatest national and international scope of Oaxacan products, which promotes art and culture of the state, improving the quality of life of our artisans and producers.

Our objectives:

Always pay the fair price to our artisans and producers for their items.
Offer Oaxacan products of the best quality to our clients, quickly and at the best price.
Market products that promote support for women, artisans, producers and vulnerable groups in the state of Oaxaca.
Make the quarterly donation of 5% of the net profits to associations that support vulnerable groups in the state of Oaxaca.
To be promoters of the culture, traditions and values ​​of Oaxaca nationally and internationally.

Our Image: We have the identity of being Oaxaca, and in our logo we use one of the most representative products of the state, "El Quesillo", shown in a stylized way, and known in other places as Oaxaca cheese, worthy representative of our state.

Soy Oaxaca provides several benefits to end customers such as:

1. Ease of payment, through our gateway with credit and debit cards, bank transfers, deposits and payments in stores such as Oxxo, Seven Eleven, Pharmacies of savings, among others.

2. Reduction of shipping costs, Soy Oaxaca consolidates the products of several artisans or producers, sending a single package that allows customers to pay a single freight, with the security of the main parcel companies in the country.

3. Personalized customer service, The customer gets a single contact to clarify all their doubts about any product, delivery times, claims, suggestions, etc. freeing you from seeking care in various places.

4. Post-sale service. The client receives updated information on new products and promotions on a regular basis, strengthening commercial relations between him and all artisans and producers.

What products can you find in

A detailed evaluation is made of small Oaxacan producers and artisans, and that due to the quality of their products, and their social and cultural significance are emblematic of our state. ensuring that all of them use artisan techniques and Oaxacan inputs, as well as that all their production is carried out in the state of Oaxaca, supporting the economy of all populations, always controlling the rules of fair trade in all their parts of the value chain .